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About Volibri: Our Concept

The purpose of the Volibri Publishing and Software company is to publish books and small publications which change over time. They may be debate books that need to be updated when new facts or new arguments appear. They may also be factual books that need to be kept up-to-date with the developments in their field.

We use the term 'evolving' for publications of this kind. There has always been a need for evolving publications, but it is only with modern information technology that it has become practically feasible to fill this need in a systematic way. Both on-line publication using the Internet and print-on-demand in small quantities are technical solutions that make evolving publications feasible.

In Volibri Publishing and Software we expect to publish a limited number of such evolving publications, and also to develop software whereby the possibilities of this new technology are exploited as fully as possible. Experiments with the use of the technology and with its further development shall also be combined in our project.